Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood Music Program

The School for Strings’ Early Childhood Music Program introduces children to the fundamentals of classical music: rhythm, melody, harmony, tempo, dynamics and articulation. In class, children explore instruments, play rhythmic games and learn to move to music. They also develop finger strengthening, physical coordination and fine motor skills by playing games that prepare them for future instrumental study.

Much of the music presented in class is centered on the Tonic-Dominant harmony, which is the basis of Suzuki Book 1 in all instruments. Children also benefit from exposure to Suzuki’s “Twinkle Rhythms,” one of which is presented creatively in each class. Helping children to experiment with these elements at a pre-instrumental stage helps to pave the way for a smoother transition into instrumental study.

The Early Childhood Music Program is open to children 1 to 4 years of age. Classes are led by a professionally-trained musician faculty member and feature live piano accompaniment.

In the Suzuki approach to musical instruction, parental involvement is crucial to the musical development of the child. Therefore, The School for Strings encourages parents and caregivers to participate and enjoy this exciting class along with their child.


  • 10 week semester/Fall - $400 fee
  • 10 week semester/Spring - $400 fee
  • 6 week semester / Summer - $240 fee
  • $25 One Time Registration Fee


Payment is due in full before the beginning of each semester, no refunds after the third class.

If a payment check “bounces” the check must be replaced. The school also requires reimbursement of the bank fee charged against the school’s checking account and the payment of a bookkeeping fee, for a total of $50.00.

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